11 A Side Match Info & Rules

Match Fee:

  • The match fee is non-refundable regardless of how much match time a player plays.
  • The match fee must be paid by all players in advance of kick off. No exceptions.


Access to Match:

  • The match is only available to players that are on the confirmed list. No plus one will be permitted to play.
  • Players currently on the group can be removed by the organising committee. This may be for various reasons e.g disciplinary action or another reason at their discretion.


Kick Off Time & Match Duration:

  • All players are requested to be on the pitch and togged 15 minutes ahead of kick off. A 10 minute warm up will take place ahead of the match.
  • Kick off on time is essential as no allowance can be given in each half for all time lost through substitutions, assessment and/or removal of injured players, disciplinary action, any significant delay to a restart (e.g. goal celebrations) etc.
  • The match will be for two equal halves of 45 minutes.
  • The interval at half-time will not exceed 10 minutes.


Team Selection & Substitutions:

  • Each team must have a maximum of eleven players; one must be the goalkeeper on the field for kick off.
  • There is no limit on the number of substitutes that can be used in the match. However change overs must only occur when the ball is out of play.
  • Each team captain will determine the starting line-up and chosen formation ahead of kick off.
  • Thereafter, substitutions will be implemented to ensure that each player in attendance gets adequate match time. No player is guaranteed the full 90 minutes of the game.
  • The decision of the team captain with regard starting line-up and substitutions are final. All players must respect and follow their instruction accordingly.


Equipment Rules:

  • Moulded stud boots or astro boots are OK – metal blades or studs are NOT allowed.
  • Shin guards are recommended but this will be left to the discretion of each player.
  • Each team will be allocated a designated bib colour ahead of the match.
  • All players are requested to remove all jewellery including rings & ear rings before entering the pitch.



  • It is recommended that each player brings their own half time snacks and refreshments.
  • A medical kit will be available for access by all players.
  • There is free parking on site along with changing rooms with toilet and shower facilities.
  • All players should bring a jacket and tracksuit pants to keep warm when they are not involved in the active match.


MATCH RULES (general overview)

Match Referee: An Athletic Union League (AUL) qualified referee will officiate the match.

Tackling: Blocking slide tackles are allowed but slide tackles are not allowed.

Offside:  A player is in an offside position if any part of the head, body or feet is in the opponents’ half (excluding the halfway line) and any part of the head, body or feet is nearer to the opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent. The hands and arms of all players, including the goalkeepers, are not considered. A player is not in an offside position if level with the second-last opponent.

Free Kicks: At free kicks opposing players must give the player taking the kick at least 10yds from the ball. Players should retreat accordingly once a free kick is awarded.

The Penalty Kick: Penalties will be taken from the standard 12yds out. Only players on the pitch when a penalty kick is awarded are permitted to take the kick. The goal keeper that was in goal as the foul occurred must remain unchanged unless in a situation the goalkeeper has been sent off in the award of the penalty.

The Throw-In:  Throw-Ins will be with both hands from behind and over the head from the point where it left the field of play.

The Corner Kick: Corners must be taken from the end line the ball exited the pitch from. Where a corner is conceded with the ball going over the crossbar the team can decide which corner to take the kick from.

Fouls and Misconduct: Any player receiving a yellow card will be cautioned accordingly.

The match captain and/or vice-captain can enforce a substitution to the cautioned player to acknowledge the foul or conduct was inappropriate.

Any player receiving a red card will be dismissed for the remainder of the match.

  • The International Football Association Board laws of the game will guide match officiating. Although matters that arise will be to the decision of the referee and organising committee and will be final.
  • Please note: All players participate at their own risk.